Development Management

Total management of the project from property acquisition until final stock is sold.  We will undertake the complete project lifecycle with a direct and systematic approach, focusing on delivering a quality product in an efficient manner.  Typically the project lifecycle will consist of:

  • Analysis of property, planning and development potential including project feasibility
  • Tendering and negotiation of Architectural and Engineering consultancy agreements as well as ongoing contract management
  • Tendering and negotiation of Project and Administration Management consultancy as well as ongoing contract management
  • Facilitating the generation of documentation for development approvals and building specification
  • Carrying out development and rezoning applications, construction, occupation and strata certificates processes including prelodgment meetings and maintaining communication streams with relevant authorities
  • Optimisation of building design and construction methods to ensure minimised construction costs whilst quality is maintained
  • Sourcing development finance and negotiation of finance terms
  • Tendering and negotiation of construction contract
  • Ongoing performance management of all contractors to ensure timely delivery of projects
  • Developing marketing plans for the selldown of development stock and sourcing of project marketing material and agents
  • Overseeing post completion quality control
  • Project financial administration
  • Overseeing conveyancing of all contracts including acquisitions, consultancy, building agreements and development sales
  • Attendance and facilitation of project meetings and generation of reports for development / asset owners on project progress